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Mazhaikottai !!!

By Vijay


Hats off to director Boopathy Pandian and Vishal for dishing out a commercial entertainer which is racy from the word go. Known for doing action-packed roles, Vishal has tried his hand at comedy and has come out clean rendering a noteworthy performance.

With established stars like Kannada actor Devaraj, Ashish Vidyarthi and Priya Mani around, Boopathy Pandian has churned out a typical 'masala' film, which is sure to go down well with the masses.

After Thamirabarani, Vishal makes amends hogging all the limelight in Malaikottai.

The first half is packed with humour and romance while the latter half is filled with stunning action sequences. Handling both with comfort is Vishal. The tall and dark hero of Tamil cinema has announced his arrival to the big league with the movie.

After a serious portrayal in Paruthiveeran, Priya Mani has taken to glamour in the movie. She appears in skimpy costumes and shakes her legs for peppy tunes. Ashish Vidyarthi in the company of Urvashi evokes laughter.

Anbu (Vishal) is a happy go-lucky youngster who later picks up brawl with a local politician. A case is registered against him and he is forced to leave Pudukottai on a conditional bail, provided he signs the register in a Tiruchi police station.

At Tiruchi, he comes across Malar (Priya Mani) a college girl and falls for her. The inspector at the police station Kanthaswamy (Ashish Vidyarti) happens to be his uncle. Kamala (Urvasi) is the lady constable at the station. Kanthaswamy and Kamala were ex-lovers and scenes describing their romance lead to instant laughter.

Palani (Devaraj), a powerful politico controls the whole town. Along with his brother Guna (Ajay), Palani infuses terror in the hearts of the local people and virtually controls the town with his men.

Anbu ends up getting the wrath of Guna when he saves Malar from a difficult situation. Sequence of events leads Anbu to launch a crusade to bump over both Palani and Guna. And how he goes about achieving the mission forms the crux.

Kanal Kannan's stunts are a major highlight. Especially the climax flight on a rainy street in Matrix style deserves a special mention.

Mani Sharma's music is catchy especially the remix number ‘Hey Atha Athorama’. The film almost is predictable. But still is a good fast moving entertainer.


Namnaadu !!!

By Vijay


Sarath Kumar's Nam Nadu is a important film for Sarath Kumar, which has hit the screen at a time when the actor has taken a new avatar of a political party leader. Interestingly, the movie dwells on the political ideologies of Sarath Kumar and is more a political propaganda film from Sarath.

A remake of Malayalam hit Lion, the movie is directed by Suresh, who in the past had churned out hits like Arasu and Gambheeram starring Sarath Kumar.

Nam Nadu throws light on the contemporary political scenario in the State and the need to cleanse the system. In brief, it is about a youth, who goes on to become a State Minister with a mission to render good governance.

The emotional drama between a father and son forms the backdrop. Alavandhar (Nasser), the corrupt Education Minister wants to become the Chief Minister. With his son-in-laws Sathya and Ilamaran (Saran Raj and Ponvannan), an IPS & IAS officer respectively, he tries all means to disturb peace in the State and end up becoming the Chief Minister.

But the father meets his match in the son Mutthazhagan (Sarath Kumar). A honest youth wing leader of the ruling party, Mutthazhagan opposes his father.

Realizing that he should be in power to take on is father, Mutthazhagan contests elections against his father. He defeats his father and eventually becomes the Home Minister.

How he goes to cleanse the system forms the crux.

Sarath Kumar fits the bill well. As an aspiring politician, he has brought out his emotions well. In action-packed scenes, Sarath Kumar is at the helm. Nasser impresses as the corrupt politician. Ramesh Kanna with his comical dialogues does contribute his best.

Debutant heroine Karthika has had an average outing. She appears in few scenes and couple of romantic duets. The rest of the cast includes Vijayakumar, Manivannan, Saran Raj, Ponvannan, Pragathy, Riyaz Khan, Deepu, Abhitha, Raj Kapoor and Sriman.

Director Suresh has rendered a 'formula' film devoid of any item numbers, lewd dialogues and gore scenes.

On the flip side, several scenes lacks conviction and the songs prove a hurdle to the pace of the screenplay.


Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4

Vijay plays both hero and villain. The first half is filled with romance and a mystery surrounding Vijay’s Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), while the second half is dominated by the tug of war between the two Vijays.

Shreya, arguably possessing the most stunning and sexy figure among today’s heroines is simply ravishing. She and the director, of course, pretty well know that acting is not her forte and hence bank on her USP, which is her curvaceous body, to make the proceedings, especially the songs attractive. Namitha is effectively used for a scintillating song.

A.R. Rahman’s music is outstanding. In fact that songs sound better when heard – and seen – in the movie. ‘Maduraiku Pokaathey’ and ‘Valaiyapatti’ are quite attractive. The remix version is more convincing when seen in the context.


Pollathavan !!!

By Vijay

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Prabhu (Dhanush) who has just now brutally attacked three thugs with a sword comes out of the building and rests his wounded body on his beloved bike. He is now heading towards meeting his praise catch that is Ravi (Danial Balaji), the younger brother of all powerful mafia leader of North Chennai Selvam (Kishor Kumar). He recalls, for a moment, what that bike has brought to him before moving ahead for his hunt.

The flash back shows the happy-go-lucky boy longing for a Pulsar bike. It goes to show the life in a North Chennai street where life is quite difference from that of South Chennai. The boys are playing carom board on the street. Prabhu is sharing the pain of his failure to get what he loves most - a bike and a girl.

Director Vettrimaran has come out with an engrossing and realistic experience on celluloid.

Director and his team have done their home work neatly. They have captured the dialects, mannerisms, and life style of the underworld mafia group with precision. The film has also unearthed some hitherto unexplored areas like bike theft network. He has also illustrated the functions of a modern banking network well.

The characterization too is worth mentioning. Especially the character of Selvam. The nuances of father-son relationship too have been portrayed well. Well done Vettrimaran!

R. Velraj, the cameraman, deserves special mention. He has worked wonders in capturing the gruesome reality of the underworld. The lighting in various time spaces is wonderful. The picturisation of climax fight is outstanding. Daniel Balaji, Bhavan, and Kishor Kumar have brought the underworld with all its colors and shades with astonishing perfection. They all have lived up to the expectations of the director and have added credibility to the reality of the movie.

Young music director G.V. Prakash has done wonders. The songs, which are already rocking, are well picturised. The remix version of ‘Engeyum Eppothum’ stands out. One wonders how SPB has maintained the sweetness of his voice for so many years. Yogi B, the sensational Malaysian singer is a revelation. ‘Minnalgaley’ sung by Karthik and Bombay Jayashree is a soothing melody. The background score adds value to the entire proceedings.


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