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Kumaran (Ravi), a college student is extremely close to his mother Mahalakshmi (Nadhiya) and shares a special bond with her. Mahalakshmi, who is a lecturer in a college, is separated from her husband Eshwar (Prakash Raj). Kumaran is passionate about kickboxing and his mother is highly supportive of her son's passion. Meanwhile, Kumaran falls in love with a Malayali girl (Asin).

Soon, Mahalaxmi, who is a heart patient, succumbs to the illness and collapses while in college. While on her deathbed, she pleads Kumaran to go and stay with his father in Malaysia who also happens to be a kickboxing champion. Kumaran, who was always raised by his mother, had developed a 'sort-of' dislike for his father and initially refuses to go. However, to keep the word that he gave to his mother on her deathbed, she goes to Malaysia. When he reaches there, he is shocked to see that his father has married again and also has a grown up daughter by the second wife.

Not wanting to create further tension, Kumaran takes up a job as a helper at his father's kickboxing coaching academy, not revealing that he knows kickboxing. Meanwhile, Eshwar has immense faith in one of his students and train him for the next National championship. Unfortunately, the guy turns out to be a bad man who not only molests Kumaran's sister but also joins the rival gang for the final fight. That is when Eshwar realises Kumaran's talent in kickboxing and trains him against his unfaithful student.

Does Eshwar along with Kumaran succeed in defeating the student? What will happen when Eshwar realises that Kumaran is his first-born? The film is worth watching.

The film is woven in 'sentiments' and will suffice all those who like some tear-jerking emotional scenes. While the first half is interesting, the film drags a little in the second half. Ravi has given some heart-rending performances in the film. As a son - for whom life revolves around his mother, he brings to fore all the emotions, just right. In action sequences, he is full of robust energy. His eyes radiate a rare mix of innocence and rage. Nadhiya, in her second coming is as usual very impressive. Prakash Raj is good too and so is Asin who looks very petite and beautiful. However, her character is not demanding enough and she did not have much scope in the film. The comedy by Vivek and Venniradai Moorthy is a little too 'crude' and one tends to wonder how it hasn't escaped the Censors' scissors! The music of Srikanth Deva is a major disappointment. The cast also includes Vaiyapuri, Ishwarya, OAK Sundar, Manobala and Janakaraj.