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Deputy Commissioner of Police Raghavan-feared by criminals, respected by the police force; tough, resourceful, has a keen mind and is ruthless with the bad guys.

His mentor and boss Arokiaraj (Prakashraj) calls upon him to help him find his missing daughter Rani.Rani has been brutalized and murdered in a deliberate and planned manner. Obviously by educated and very professional person or persons, from the slick handiwork of the gory evidence on the corpse and the bait that was used to provocate the police force.Raghavan promises to find the killer and bring justice and retribution.

Unfortunately, still more tragic events force Raghavan to visit the U.S. as a representative of the Indian Police Force - more murders, missing people and similar evidence suggesting links between the crimes done with Rani and the ones abroad. NYPD requests Raghavan's help in solving the case.

Aradhana (jyothiga) happens to Raghavan quite by accident. Her life and sorrows draw him initially in a platonic manner and then as someone who is more than just a concerned human being. A friendship (and maybe something more?) develops.

Before anything else, though, comes the work at hand and Raghavan's hard at it. Clues and trails lead him and his NYPD counterpart Anderson from one theory to another piece of evidence until, despite much lack of confidence from Anderson, Raghavan leads them both to a horrible discovery whose only plus point is that many unsolved cases finally get some answers! NYPD wakes up to some terrible truths and Raghavan's small case and crusade turns into a nation-wide hunt for killer or killers still on the loose.

And then we catch a glimpse of Amudha (Balajee) and Ilamaran - students of medicine with very dark sides to their nature. They are passionate, disturbed, psychotic and totally dangerous.